Leading ADHD experts give real-life answers to questions submitted by ADD adults and parents raising children with attention deficit disorder across a range of topics covering symptoms, school, work, and family life. Note on audio quality: This podcast is a recording of a webinar series, and the audio has been captured from telephone conversations, not recorded in a studio. Register to participate in the live webinars at: additude.com/tag/webinar
15- Keep Your ADHD Child Learning All Summer: Fun Ways to Boost Academic Skills

Don't let your child lose the academic skills he gained last last school year! ADHD education specialist Sandra Rief, M.A., suggests fun summer activities parents can use to improve math, reading, and writing abilities.

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14- Teens with ADHD: How to Sharpen Executive Function Skills and Help Them Succeed

Smart But Scattered co-author Peg Dawson, Ed.D., explains how to strengthen the executive skills teens with ADHD need, like planning, organization, and time management, to make good, independent decisions.

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13- Growing Up ADHD: Treating Attention Deficit in Preschoolers Through Adults

Steven Dickstein, M.D., explores age-appropriate medical and non-medical ADHD treatments, as well as how to adapt treatment based on symptoms, diagnoses, and an individual's strengths and weaknesses.

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12- Clutter Cures: FlyLady's ADD-Friendly Answers to Eliminate Household Chaos

Are you living in CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)? Marla Cilley, the founder of flylady.net, explains the concrete "baby steps" ADDers can take to de-clutter and establish new household routines.

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11- The College Transition: How to Prepare Your ADHD/LD Teen for Success in Life

Is your teen ready to manage his time, secure accommodations, renew his ADHD medication...do his laundry? Theresa Maitland, Ph.D., co-author of On Your Own: A College Readiness Guide for Teens with ADHD/LD, explains how to prepare your young adult ADDer.

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10- 'You're Not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy!' Managing Stress and Negative Self-Talk for ADHD Adults

Practical advice for ADHD adults to defuse negative self-talk, and make good decisions when emotions throw you off course, from Peggy Ramundo, co-author of the best-selling book, You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy?!

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9- Executive Function Deficits and ADHD at School: Accommodations That Work

Education and mental health specialist Chris Zeigler Dendy explains how to work with your child's school as well as the specific accommodations that will help your ADHD child with executive function deficits succeed academically.


8- ODD and ADHD: Strategies for Parenting Defiant Children from Dr. Ross Greene

Ross W. Greene, Ph.D., author of The Explosive Child, outlines positive parenting techniques that will help oppositional and defiant kids manage frustration and develop greater empathy and reasoning skills.

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7- Positive Parenting: Helping Young Children with ADHD Reach Their Full Potential

Improving behavior in elementary-aged children through consistency, external motivators, and selective negative consequences, from Mary Rooney, a clinical psychologist at the ADHD and Disruptive Behavior Disorders Center.


6- The Calm Parent: How to Keep Your Cool When Your ADHD Child Acts Up

Parents of ADHD children with challenging behavior  may be locked in a cycle of defiance, disrespect, bullying, sibling fights, meltdowns, and power struggles. Kirk Martin, founder of Celebrate Calm, explains how to stop that cycle.