Leading ADHD experts give real-life answers to questions submitted by ADD adults and parents raising children with attention deficit disorder across a range of topics covering symptoms, school, work, and family life. Note on audio quality: This podcast is a recording of a webinar series, and the audio has been captured from telephone conversations, not recorded in a studio. Register to participate in the live webinars at: additude.com/tag/webinar
63- Sex and ADHD: How to Increase Intimacy in Your Relationship

Ari Tuckman, Psy.D., MBA, and Linda Roggli, PCC, discuss how ADHD adults can achieve a more satisfying sex life by treating symptoms and improving communication in their relationship.

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62- Calm the Chaos: Managing Your ADHD Child's Intense Emotions (and Your Own!)

Coaches Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster offer tips for managing intense emotions (no small feat, with ADHD impulsivity in the equation) and preventing angry outbursts.

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61- ADHD Career Clinic: Find the Right Job and Manage Symptoms in the Workplace

Finding the right job is vital for ADHD adults. Career counselor Wilma Fellman advises on choosing a job that suits your passions, strengths, and weaknesses, and how to manage symptoms once you get your dream job.

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60- Family Mindfulness: How to Manage Stress and Stay Happy in ADHD Households

Want a calmer, happier household? Mark Bertin, M.D., explains how mindfulness can lead to better parenting and offers tips for dialing down stress in your family.

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