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Mar 28, 2024

Black children and adults with ADHD are less likely to receive an accurate diagnosis and treatment due to structural racism, socioeconomic inequalities, and stigma. Napoleon Higgins, M.D., explains how we can start addressing these racial disparities in health care.

Healthy Equity in ADHD: More Resources

Mar 19, 2024

Despite being serious mental health conditions, and highly comorbid with ADHD, eating disorders often go undetected. Christine Peat, Ph.D., helps caregivers and others understand symptoms and treatments for different types of eating disorders.

Eating Disorders: More Resources

Mar 12, 2024

Brandon Slade provides educators with the tools they need to teach crucial executive function (EF) skills. While EFs lag in many children with ADHD and learning differences, integrating EF support strategies will help all students in your classroom.

Executive Function Skills for Students: More Resources

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