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Dec 22, 2015

Mental and physical exhaustion are common in parents of special-needs children. Kirk Martin shares strategies that will help moms who "do it all" to simplify their lives, make themselves a priority, and teach their kids to be more self-reliant.

Amanda David
over five years ago

The timing for this was AMAZING. Its like Kirk can read my mind. I feel like my husband does not sweat this as much as I do, making me feel alone. THANK you for this.

Robert Smith
almost seven years ago

128 Kirk Martin's Best Strategies for Stressed-Out Moms of ADHD Kids)

This is a great great podcast. I live oversees and listen to these podcasts and the topics covered in this podcasts are just AMAZING and changed so much of my plans positively. Thanks to Mr. Kirk Martin and to the host and the facilitator and ADDITUDE magazine. Thanks again for bringing these great topics and helping everyone.

If we can get this kid to adulthood, he will be OK. That’s a great attitude and it seems to work very well for us . Each of the 10 suggestions are overwhelmingly positive and great. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rob Smith..