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Feb 27, 2024

Tamara Rosier, Ph.D., highlights the behaviors linked to ADHD — procrastination, risk-taking, aiming for perfection, people-pleasing, etc. — that hold us back, and how to interrupt this self-defeating cycle with new habits that lift us up.

Self-Sabotage with ADHD: More Resources

Feb 23, 2024

YouTube Powerhouse Jessica McCabe will discuss themes from her book, How to ADHD, including navigating a world not built for the neurodivergent brain, the economic cost of not treating ADHD, how she’s learned to pay attention to time, and more.

Living with ADHD: More Resources

Feb 20, 2024

Caregivers in the "sandwich generation" face added demands and stress when managing ADHD in themselves, their children, and their aging parents. Danna McDonald, RMFT-SQ, RSW, shares strategies to address these challenges.

Sandwich Generation Stress: More Resources

Feb 6, 2024

Sharon Saline, Psy.D., helps young adults with ADHD, and their parents, understand the unique challenges of 'adulting' with ADHD, including treatment adherence/cessation, independent living skills, emotional wellness, and signs of risky behavior.

The Young Adult’s Guide to ADHD: More Resources