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Jul 9, 2024

A cluttered, disorganized living environment is as common as it is unsettling for many people who have ADHD. Michael A. Tompkins, Ph.D., helps us understand how to discern clutter versus hoarding and teaches practical strategies to decrease disorganization.

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Jun 11, 2024

Many women with ADHD experience what feels like premenstrual syndrome (PMS) — on steroids. Symptoms include severe sadness, irritability, fatigue, and physical discomfort. Dara Abraham, D.O., delves into the intricate interplay between PMDD and ADHD.

PMDD and ADHD: More Resources

Jun 4, 2024

Kim and Penn of the Holderness Family discuss themes from their new book, ADHD is Awesome, including how to reframe your ADHD traits, why boredom is so difficult for ADHD brains, and how to embrace routine while remaining zany and fun.

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May 7, 2024

When you have a big report to write or taxes to file... do you opt to mow the lawn or clean the bathroom instead? As J. Russell Ramsay, Ph.D., finds, this is a common procrastination pattern for adults with ADHD. Learn how to outwit "procrastivity" and stop keeping yourself busy with tasks that don't move you toward...

Apr 23, 2024

David W. Goodman, M.D., discusses the emerging research on ADHD after age 50, including the disorder's possible association with dementia, the diagnostic process, and safe treatment options for older adults.

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