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Mar 12, 2024

Brandon Slade provides educators with the tools they need to teach crucial executive function (EF) skills. While EFs lag in many children with ADHD and learning differences, integrating EF support strategies will help all students in your classroom.

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Oct 13, 2023

Kids with ADHD are better able to focus on schoolwork when the home they live in is organized and conducive to learning. But that order is tricky to achieve when caregivers have ADHD too. Learn strategies that work from Ann Dolin, M.Ed.

Free Resources on Motivating Students with ADHD

Sep 21, 2023

Given the prevalence of ADHD, every educator should assume they’ll be teaching at least one student with the condition. Evelyn Polk Green, M.S.Ed., highlights myths about ADHD, and the facts and accommodations teachers need to know.

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Sep 5, 2023

Laura Barr, M.Ed., counsels caregivers and neurodivergent college-bound students on factors to consider during a college search and how to make the process much less stressful for applicants with executive functioning challenges.

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Aug 25, 2023

Twice exceptional students may perform above average in some areas and below average in others. Mary Ruth Coleman, Ph.D., discusses how to identify students who are 2e and understand their unique hurdles to help them cope with stress and avoid burnout.

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